The real gangs

The REAL gang at the time of Creba's death had to do with a couple of guys who went by the name of T and T who had targeted the Silent Souljahs rap group. (If anyone thinks I didn't do my homework, I did! There WERE gangs... just not the ones presented in the Creba trials as Silent Souljahs and Point Blank. T and T were just confused as being the same as Point Blank.)

One of the leaders of T n T nicknamed "Tyke" was a rapper but the rap was truly gangsta and about killing because that's what his gang was about. Eventually "Tyke's" gang became known as Sic(k) Thugz.

And now.... The real gansta of the Regent Park gangs was busted in Aruba for a murder.

Sick Thugz and Asian Assasins are real gangs. Point Blank and Silent Souljahs were not despite what was presented in the Creba trials. The latter two were rap groups targeted by the gangs.

These kind of details matter when our courts and media oversimplify the relationships of friends within communities and classify people into gangs because it seems like the easiest way to tell a story.…/michael-teddy-gibson-captured-aruba-1.4…


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