Bloody Justice... and the story should be told

It was just a little over 10 years ago that eight men lost their lives at a farmhouse near Shedden, Ontario... just outside of London. Most people didn't care about the men who were murdered and the families they left behind. Most people didn't care about the men who were convicted and many of them wrongfully. Most people didn't care to hear the true story. Because we were told what the media told us: bikers killing bikers in a premeditated cold blood murder. As the key crown witness (and one of the killers) admitted on the stand with tears flowing down his face, "There was never a plan". MH, (a killer and key crown witness) left the courtroom for a couple of days so he could recompose himself. The prosecution needed him to get his story straight.

Fortunately a film maker is interested in telling the truth I told in my book.

Bloody Justice: The Truth Behind the Bandidos Massacre at Shedden.

The truth should continue to be told. More to come.