Silent Souljahs error in my book and on my web site

A reviewer of my book on Jane Creba pointed out that I had the wrong representation of the Silent Souljahs of Regent Park and said "there were huge holes" in my understanding as a result.  I had quoted a rap group out of the U.S. and figured them in my book as well as on my web site as being part of Regent Park.  I'm sorry that I got this piece wrong in my research.

I thought about pulling down the video I have on my website because of this error. But then I figured I should just be honest. It's an awesome video by a rap group of the same name. I'm pretty sure the video speaks to exactly the same issues we face all over North America whether you live with palm trees or maple trees.

The reviewer said there were gaps in truth. I think that was the point of my writing this book.

Here's what the reviewer said:

"☆☆☆☆☆ 2 out of 5 stars.

Some good info but lots of holes and misinformation

The book wasn't bad but there was a lot of wrong info.

The Silent Souljah's songs that the author made reference to were that of an American group by the same name, she viewed it on youtube and couldn't even figure out that it was the wrong group.

Made reference to the wrong gangs when discussing Martha Eaton Way. No inside info whatsoever.

The author did not have any real access to info other then wiretaps and court cases as a lot of the info regarding the people involved was totally off.

The Regent Park beef is a lot deeper than a track not being played at a club. TNT represent both the South and North Regent (Turk from the North, Tyke from the South) and Point Blank in majority represented the Southside.

Way too many holes.

And remember a little girl was shot and killed, not enough respect to a 15 year old that lost her life in this book.

✘ No,

I do not recommend this product."

Trust me. I was working with far more than just trial files. And so much fluidity between what was told and what never gets told. I'm rather sorry that a reviewer with so much insider information discourages readers from asking for answers. "Case closed" instead of a question mark?

That was the whole point of not using a question mark in the title of the book.