Walruses in Canada

We don't actually live much with walruses in Canada. They reside far north and they tend to be quiet critters who want to protect their tusks much like elephants in other parts of the world where ivory seems to be important. In Canada, we live with a wonderful Walrus - a magazine that engages quality discourse. The journal doesn't need to protect ivory as some last bastion of a piano sonata but protects the integrity of the entire orchestra of truth telling. I felt honoured to be tweeted today by editor in chief, Jonathan Kay.

Reading @aarvast's "What Killed Jane Creba" & found this meditation on truth-telling in true-crime on her site.

"As a true crime writer, I rely on omission in a number of ways.

My first impulse is to ensure that nobody will ever be hurt by what I write… but there is a story to be told and so people will be hurt when I peel back layers of fabrication and other omissions. These ellipses hurt.

An ellipsis also can signify that I left out stuff that doesn’t matter. I’m cool with that version because usually it’s just a bunch of dribble between the important stuff.

But there’s another version of ellipses that is the scariest. It’s at the end of a sentence. It’s where we say we have told a story and don’t know where to go.

That’s the


I’m pretty sure anyone who writes with a social justice bent is scared of these."

Thank you. @jonkay