Anita grew up in Toronto during the '60s and '70s. It was a time when many new immigrants had moved to Canada to establish new lives. Mostly we were the children of  immigrants displaced by WWII and the lacklustre economies of the European countries that had suffered the challenges of war. The more established communities were also displaced immigrants at some point in time.

Growing up in what is now considered a “hood,” Anita also grew up with the standard beliefs of a kind of “apartheid” and a considerable amount of judgement. There were the people in socially assisted housing, there were the people of other races, there were the people who didn’t live by the law. And there were us. The correct people.

Sometimes where you grow up shapes who you are when you “actually grow up” and become a world citizen and shake the ideologies that are based on separation and engage with ideologies that are based on community. 

It took a while for Anita to grow up and realize that it isn’t about her. She figured out it’s about the questions she wants her children and their children's generations forward to ask.  

And then seek the solutions.

Let's start with the questions: Who has power? Who gets marginalized?  Who can tell the stories?

How do we effect change?

Maybe one story at a time...